She Who Dreams

Once upon a time, I was a writer. But after seven nationally published books, numerous signings and speaking engagements, I burned out. The world--both far and near--can be harsh and cruel. The story of why I chose to quit is long and complex...but I am grateful to be able to continue to express some of my thoughts in a partnership of sorts with my artwork.
For those who have asked, my art starts out with sketches, pencil to paper. Lot of pieces get their beginnings with experimentation of shapes and colors done with watercolors and simple everyday markers and watercolor pencils. I finish colors and text via computer software. Increasingly, I have taught myself to paint digitally. Each and every element is designed and hand painted digitally by me.
This piece is from my new She Who Dreams Collection, which features characters who have inspired me in their everyday lives and pursuits. "Everyday" women who face life with courage, determination, and hope bring me great joy.

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