Hearts and Hands Dolls was started several years ago when I learned of a sweet little angel named Nicole who was diagnosed with two forms of childhood leukemia when she was only four months old. I drew a Nicole doll using her favorite color--orange--for Nicole's mom. I then had copies of the doll printed on fabric.

Full thanks to a dedicated team of seamstresses who turned their talents to doll making, we were able to make over 300 Nicole dolls to be sold at a fundraiser to help cover some of Nicole's medical expenses.

Sadly, Nicole passed away. But the light of her story and the concept of making dolls to help children lives on.

I've since made dolls for other terminally ill kids; and also designed dolls of different ethnicities that are annually sewn and stuffed by volunteers and distributed to children in need, as well as to elderly shut-ins. In 2023, we were able to send nearly 700 dolls to kids in Utah, inner city Harlem, Uganda, and Liberia!

Two years ago, in addition to mass producing dolls, I started making doll kits so others could enjoy the experience of creating the dolls and finding their own special person to give it to. To date there have been 9 different Hearts and Hands Doll designs: Zuri, Aspen, Everett, Esperanza, Lilly, Sonora, Claire, Aurora, and Addison. Now I'm releasing 8 more brand new dolls: Clara, Hattie, Anna, Gertie, Bea, Olivia, Sara, and Grace. The individual kits include fabric for the front and back of each doll--the backs all contain a message of love and hope--and a special note for the maker to give to the recipient.

Hearts and Hands Stitch and Share Doll kits make great gifts for those you love and care about, a gift that truly keeps on giving! That's because Hearts and Hands Dolls are the dolls you make and give away. Give away with a little part of yourself that says, "I care!" And when you buy my doll kits, 10% of the profit from each kit goes toward making more dolls for children in need.

If you don't live near my store, you can find all the dolls here on my website:

Each of the soft-sculpt dolls we donate is lovingly crafted by volunteer seamstresses and then gifted to a child, elderly person, or shut-in who needs to know that someone cares. And, as always, we love partnering with both public and private entities as we endeavor to help abused, neglected, and terminally ill children and the elderly.  

For more information, or to find out how to get involved, please contact us.