At a young age, I decided I wanted to be part of the magic that comes from heartfelt personal correspondence. Not only did I see first-hand the happiness handwritten cards and letters brought to my grandmothers (who raised me), but I also found solace in drawing and painting; art gave me a creative outlet for dealing with trauma during a turbulent childhood.

When I grew up, I paired my childhood dreams of writing and drawing with my desire to help others find hope and joy--as well as my love for outdoor adventure--to create Huckleberry Moose: a fabric and stationery brand that celebrates the simple joys of life and living. I enjoy creating whimsical characters to help spread smiles and happiness, art that depicts outdoor experiences and rural lifestyles, and memorable regional and recreational themed art.

However, drawing and creating for children, like my Hearts and Hands Dolls, remains my dearest joy.

Read more about my efforts to touch the lives of children in need in the Giving Back section.

It is my passion to help you strengthen your relationships with those you love and care about; my pleasure to help assist you with your fabric and gift giving needs; and my honor to know you as we discover the bright spots on life’s journey.

Wishing you all the very best,