The Buzz About Busyness

Scientific studies have proven that our focus becomes eroded when we remain in a perpetual state of busyness. The word busy is defined by active and attentive engagement in work or a pastime, yet busyness is frequently characterized by activity that yields no true value or quality to our lives. As Jane Austen’s character Fanny Price reflected, “Life can seem like . . . a quick succession of busy nothings.”

Perpetual busyness can be a sign that we're pushing ourselves too hard, not prioritzing self-care, or perhaps focusing too much on on exterior appearances as we try to seem well and happy...even if we're not.

Since busyness saps our time and energy, we’re often left feeling exhausted, stressed, and unhappy—we enter a never ending cycle, wondering what more we can do to feel better. But we never truly heal and thrive. Joy and contentment elude us.

Sort that which gives your life value from that which depletes you mentally and emotionally. Move through each day with calm and purposeful intent. It's okay to slow down and listen to your heart and spirit.

Busyness may help us feel like we’re always in control, but rushing through each day, we miss many of life's inherent miracles. Most importantly, the miracle and wonder of our authentic selves.

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