This is My Wish for You...

....I wish you he peace of knowing you have value, the comfort of discovering your purpose in life, the joy of developing your innate talents and abilities as you follow your dreams...because you are one of a kind, unique and marvelous. No one else can touch hearts and lives for the better like you can.

Why are these things important?

Because bullying doesn't just happen to can happen to adults. I've been there and so have you. You're riding a tide of optimism and someone comes along and tries to bring you down, convince you that you have no worth. It hurts. You might want to fall for their lies....but don't! Those who try to bring others down are themselves fighting a hard internal battle, struggling because they don't believe they measure up. But their battle is not yours.

Smile and pick yourself up...You are strong, you are beautiful, you are loved!

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