Aspen Doll
Aspen Doll

Aspen Doll

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Hearts and Hands Dolls Are the Doll You Make and Give Away!

The Aspen Doll Kit Includes:

  • Beautifully printed 100% cotton quilt weight fabric, including front and back fabric to make one 10" x 4" doll.
  • Instructions, tips, and ideas for finishing the doll.
  • The back of the Aspen doll bears a special message of love and hope: "Friends make life beautiful!"
  • Card for you to keep PLUS a special card for you to share your own message of love and caring when you give Aspen away!
  • Dolls can also be used for appliqué to make treasured pillows or quilts.
  • 10% of the profit from each doll goes toward making free dolls for terminally ill and abused children and elderly shut-ins.
  • DOES NOT include stuffing.

So many ways to share:

*Get the kit and make and give a doll.

*Give the kit to someone else so they can have the gift of sharing.

*Join a sewing group and make dolls for terminally ill and abused kids and elderly shut-ins.

*Email: to become a volunteer!